Game Jams

I love the intensity of Game Jams.  I have been involved with many over the last three years including:  ToJam, Global Game Jam, and EVERY Dames Making Games Jam sessions.  It’s a passion to crunch a prototype in a weekend.  Here are a few of the games/teams I’ve been apart of:


Giving back and being a part of a community is important.  I am thankful to be in a great city full of gaming initiatives.  I am a member of Dames Making Games where I am involved with the Programming Committee and also host a 3D Social to help other 3D artists connect and collaborate.

I’ve also been a member of the Hand Eye Society for 3 years, and have enjoyed volunteering for events such as Game Curious and the Fancy Video Game Ball.

If there’s a place where my skills can contribute.  I’m there!

Most Importantly…

Family and Friends!

My family is an amazing support through all of my creative endeavors.  They cheer me through all of the achievements and hug me through all the failures.  I am very thankful to be a mother and wife.

And let’s not forget all the fantastic friends I have that continuously surprise me with innovative ideas and pushing boundaries.